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  • Since 1945 Electrochemical sensors and On-line Instrumentation are developed and manufactured in Meinsberg (Saxony/Germany).

  • The innovative team of experienced chemists, design engineers, technicians and glassblowers realises high reliability, flexibility and quality.

  • This Site presents our standard range of sensors for measuring pH value, redox potential, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine and temperature for application in laboratory and process.

Sensortechnik Meinsberg Meinsberger Glasschmelze Vorbereitung zum ansetzen des Membranglases pH-Membranglas anblasen Elektroden werden konfektioniert
  • Overview - the most important informations about electrodes and accessories for laboratory and process with technical data and application advices are listed.

  • Laboratory - you find sensors for measuring in laboratory which are configured individually. These laboratory electrodes are available with plug or cable connection. Furthermore cable length and cable plug can be chosen.

  • Process - you find sensors which are designed for online measurements in process. These process electrodes are always equipped with a plug connector with thread PG 13.5 for easy mounting in immersion or flow through housings.

Meinsberg Electrodes
Gold Redox/ORP and pH Combination Electrodes